Interview: Infantino pledges to kick down FIFA’s walls

Infantino only joined the presidential race in October after UEFA president Michel Platini was provisionally suspended over a $2 million “disloyal” payment from Blatter, which eventually saw both men banned for eight years. But he rejected the suggestion that he would be seen as a second-choice candidate and said he had felt a moral responsibility to act after US and Swiss authorities targeted FIFA in wide-ranging corruption probes. “It’s true that until a few months ago I was not thinking about being a candidate, but in life sometimes there are situations where you have to take decisions,” Infantino said. “When I saw what is going on, I thought you simply cannot sit and lean back and watch everything being destroyed or destroy itself. You have to do something. You have to do something for football.”

Find out what happened when I met Gianni Infantino to discuss his plans for the FIFA presidency. Read about it here.

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