Pitchside Europe: Why do Messi and Ronaldo score so many goals?

“Last season they both scored 53 goals for their respective clubs. Since Ronaldo joined Madrid in 2009, he has scored 126 goals in 127 games. Over the same period, Messi has scored 150 goals in 151 games. The diminishing goals-per-game ratio at the World Cup — an established barometer for long-term football trends — proves that the sport is becoming more defensive, and yet Messi and Ronaldo are scoring at a faster rate by the season. So what’s the secret?”

My latest Pitchside Eurosport blog for Eurosport, on why Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are able to score goals at such a strikingly anachronistic rate, can be read here.

4 Responses to “Pitchside Europe: Why do Messi and Ronaldo score so many goals?”

  • Pure talent and freedom on the field. This is great era of European football.

  • Two players at the top of thier game.
    it is crazy the amount of goals they have scored. when you look at the last 6 seasons.

    Ronaldo – 283 games played and 219 goals
    Messi – 278 games played and 221 goals

    So, Messi slightly shades it – but not by much.
    2 fantastic players, the best the world has every seen? Quite possibly!

  • Rami:

    We probably all know that Messi and Ronaldo are the two best players in the world right now. Who comes after them? RVP maybe.

  • Everyone rates these 2players with their goal scoring form,but I viewed them from a different perspective I mean, team play.here assists comes in,where Messi then seems to be better than Many strikers of all time.

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