Football Further 2011-12

Football Further will be presenting a slightly different face in the 2011-12 season.

The emphasis on tactics and French football will remain the same, but increased freelance commitments mean that the weekly features Goal of the Week and La semaine en France have been shelved. Instead, I’ll be writing more considered pieces on a weekly or fortnightly basis, while still keeping an eye out for noteworthy quotes, statistics and videos.

Below are links to some of the freelance articles I’ve written over the summer:

PSG benefit from capital gains (ESPN Soccernet)
Malaga and PSG race UEFA’s ticking clock (Pitchside Europe, Eurosport)
PSG spend big to crash Europe’s top table (ITV)
How costly are opening-day defeats? (Pitchside Europe, Eurosport)

5 Responses to “Football Further 2011-12”

  • Kári Tulinius:

    That’s a shame. I looked forward to La semaine en France every week. Ligue 1 gets a lot less coverage in the English language media than the top 4 leagues, though I note that this year it’s been picking up some.

    • Tom:

      Hi Karl. Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed doing La semaine en France last season, but I’ve just not got time to write such a detailed round-up any more. I’ll be writing occasional pieces on Ligue 1 though, so please stick around.

      If you weren’t already aware, Ben Lyttleton has resumed his weekly Ligue 1 round-up for The Guardian:

      • Kári Tulinius:

        Lyttleton’s reborn round-up took the sting out of the loss of LseF a bit, though I prefer your format. This season is shaping up to be a transitional season for Ligue 1, and all coverage will be appreciated. Indeed, if the French teams do well in Europe, Ligue 1 could overtake Serie A in the UEFA league coefficient. It’s an interesting time for football in France.

  • David H:

    Will you at least put up links to your free-lance stories? It’s not always easy to find them, and I’m useless with Google. Thanks & keep up the good work!

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