Report: Rémy, Gourcuff see France past Romania

“PARIS — Substitutes Loic Remy and Yoann Gourcuff struck late goals to give France a 2-0 win at home to Romania on Saturday that sent them top of their Euro 2012 qualifying group.”

Read my AFP match report here.

3 Responses to “Report: Rémy, Gourcuff see France past Romania”

  • Jordan:

    It wasn’t Remy to make the difference, it was the ref all the way..poor performance by Romania but even worse by the sure looks like Platini is doing his job and France will qualify once again with him as the main threat

  • Jordan:

    well, beside the offside at Remy’s goal there where many obvious decisions that pushed France from behind. I’m not saying Romania should have been the winners..What I’m saying is that for a few years now, there isn’t just one match where France doesn’t get some help from the referees. I didn’t have the time but I’ll try to make a compilation for their last matches (i have a lot of them recorded) and I’ll upload it. My point is that both France and Romania are now building for the future, but not both of them are given the same chances. France are clearly the side with better individuals and better conditions, but they should prove it themselves not with help

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