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Thirty-one long but largely uneventful days since the end of the World Cup, Football Further is back; hopefully looking a bit more pleasing on the eye than in its previous incarnation.

The site has had a makeover, but the principal reason for its existence remains the same: to peer beneath the bluster and the hyperbole in the hope of arriving at a better understanding of how football works on the pitch.

Aside from the sustained focus on tactics, the most notable new feature is La semaine en France, which – as its rather perfunctory title suggests – will be a weekly round-up of the week’s major stories in French football presented in thoughtfully digestible form every Friday.

By way of preface to the season ahead, here’s a completely irrelevant but nonetheless absolutely exquisite video featuring Andrea Pirlo, Roberto Baggio and one of the most delectable first touches the game has ever seen:

YouTube Preview Image

Meanwhile, my most recent piece for When Saturday Comes, on the winds of austerity sweeping through Ligue 1, can be found here.

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  • Patrick:

    Great to hear about the new French column especially since the French league gets little to no coverage in the mainstream media.

    A quick question will these columns show up in the general RSS feed?

  • Tom:

    They should do, yes.

  • Nice to have you back Tom. Love what you have done with the place.

    I am lucky enough to watch Ligue 1 games on my telly this season so I saw Marseille’s opening match. Their defense which I thought was their strength, was all over the place and easily cut open. I don’t know enough about the players to do a full write up yet so I am hoping you will shed some light as the season progresses. I can’t find anyone who does decent coverage of the French league in English.

    • Tom:

      Thanks defensiveminded. Marseille were quite badly depleted at the back against Caen. Souleymane Diawara, the lynchpin of the defence, injured himself in the Champions Trophy against PSG and was replaced by Leyti N’Diaye, who spent last season on loan at Ajaccio in Ligue 2 and has only played a handful of matches for OM. He had a poor game and they were also missing Gabriel Heinze, who is still to regain full fitness after the World Cup.

      • Thanks for the info Tom.If Marseille don’t have defensive depth then they will struggle in Europe. The new Spanish right back looks good for them and he is only 20. I will be keeping an eye on him

  • Phil:

    Very good news ! I’m French, et I don’t know anybody in France trying to talk seriously about tactics (I was tempted to say, about…football) on the Internet. Can’t wait for the articles !

  • Jack:

    Like the new look for the site Tom, and nice idea with ‘La semaine…’

    I look forward to your forthcoming articles!

  • Hey Tom

    Great to see someone covering the French game, not many Ligue 1 highlights here in Leeds, I am a Ligue 1 fan myself and write some pieces myself, wrote a piece on Lille’s chances here if you’d like to have a look.

    Looking forward to continuing the Ligue 1 chat

  • Carlton:

    Welcome back

  • bobeto:

    MASSIVE kudos for the picture at the top. I’ve been looking for it online ever since it was discussed in Brilliant Orange (I assume that’s where you got the inspiration from…)

    Good to have you back!

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