World Cup Goal of the Week: David Villa

David Villa (Spain 2-0 Honduras):

YouTube Preview Image

Honourable mentions: Maicon (Brazil 2-1 North Korea); Elano (Brazil 2-1 North Korea); Nicklas Bendtner (Denmark 2-1 Cameroon)

3 Responses to “World Cup Goal of the Week: David Villa”

  • Sean:

    I liked Donovan’s goal against Slovenia, but I am doubtless biased.

  • Tom:

    I also liked Donovan’s goal against Slovenia. He disguised his intentions so cleverly as he advanced on goal that when the shot finally came the goalkeeper was so surprised he actually ended up behind his own goal-line. In fact, I’m going to stick in a link here for posterity:

    Bradley’s equaliser was pretty tasty as well.

  • dj:

    Bendtner’s was absolutely marvellous. But then I love direct stuff vs tippy tappy, so don’t take my opinion seriously.

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